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Welcome to NO Plan(et) B



By way of introduction, my name is Filippos Akylas Kaloudis and I am an IB student in Doukas School, in Athens, Greece.


In the framework of my participation in my School's UNESCO Team, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and especially Goal 13 on Climate Action. "Fridays for the Future" was one of the actions of the youth to address environmental concerns and the need to take action, but actions require knowledge and engagement.  I had the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and engagement by participating in the Climate Science organization  ( and Climate Science Olympiad, promoting the importance of climate education also within my School and in the context of the said activity, I decided to create this Blog to share my thoughts within my community and even further.  

The present Blog, entitled 'NO  Plan(et) B" aims to voice the "urgency" of the climate change problem and the youth considerations to this end.  We have only ONE planet, a planet which we must preserve for the generations to come, therefore we should only have ONE plan: to ensure that we behave and consume responsibly in a way that preserves the environment and natural resources for the next generations.  

The present Blog aims to be a forum in English and Greek, where we will be sharing our thoughts, our considerations, our common concerns and actions towards a sustainable modus vivendi!

Filippos Akylas Kaloudis  



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